The company specializes in the short sea/coastal sea-river type market in sizes from 1000-6,000 mts (occasionally larger) and in commodities including Steel, Coal, Animal feed, Fertilizer, Sugar, Grain, Scrap and project cargoes. Our area of trade is predominantly Black Sea, Azov Sea, Mediterranean, Caspian Sea and Russian Inland river transport system. Company acting as an General Agent and representative for some Russian and Bulgarian ship owners and Charterers. Chartering department is acting in a highly competitive performance and providing chartering and operational services in a first class manner to charters, shippers, traders and to the close/direct ship owners.

Here below some of following type sea-river vessels under company’s control.

Karelia type blt 2005 dwcc 5250 279.297 cbft
Volga type blt 1988 dwcc 5800 241.600 cbft
Volga type blt 1990 dwcc 5800 241.600 cbft
Volgodon type blt 1988 dwcc 5500 260.000 cbft
Volzhskiy type blt 1991 dwcc 5900 330.000 cbft
Volskiy type blt 1993 dwcc 3800 190.000 cbf
Omskiy type blt 1980 dwcc 3000 140.000 cbft
Omskiy type blt 1979 dwcc 2600 99.140 cbft
Volgobalt type blt 1977 dwcc 3300 169.000 cbft
Stk/St type blt 1981 dwcc 2000 87.000 cbft